Are you tired of using apps where you message back and forth for months with someone, and you never meet in person? Often, when you finally meet, do you find your “match” in the digital world is not a match in the real world? Then, looking to connect with new people, do you receive never ending unwanted messages from previous bad dates, strangers and spammers? Whether you’re using a social, dating, or lifestyle app, you’ll run into these common problems.

Encounter is exactly what today’s dating world needs. An app that focuses on putting the word “dating” back into “online dating”. An app that deters catfishers and spammers from ever signing up. Encounter keeps it real so real people can meet in real life for real chemistry.


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Profiles are simple – 3 words, 3 photos. Choose wisely, because that’s all the information you’re going to give or get. Encounter believes in getting to know people face-to-face – reading about someone in their online profile simply does not compare to listening to someone tell their story in their own voice, with their own mannerisms and expressions. If you see a profile that catches your eye, hit that “E” and see if it’s a match!


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Ladies have first choice. Don’t worry gents; if it goes well you can have the second choice (if she so desires). Choose your date preferences and Yelp does the work for you. Pick a place from the list of results in your area, set your date and time, and send your Encounter invite. Stay up-to-date on all of your Encounters as they auto-sync to your Apple and Google calendar.

LGBT? Not to worry, if your Encounter is not a male/female match, the first person to hit the “E” gets to create the first date.


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Was your first date a disaster? Are you feeling sparks, but hesitant to share your personal information? Encounter manages all your communication needs if you don’t want to contact someone, or until you’re ready to take the next step and give out your phone number. After your Encounter date, you get to choose whether you want your date to be able to contact you. If both users say “yes!” Encounter’s direct messaging will be enabled. If not, you never have to see nor hear from them again.


Running late? Need a ride? Need to reschedule? All of this and more can be handled within the Encounter app. No need to exchange numbers, rides or personal information until you are ready. Encounter gives the power to the users. Encounter is your dating personal assistant, and the only app you will ever want to use.