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Encounter St. Paddy’s Day 2018

Posted on Mar 17, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day. St. Paddy’s Day (yes, it’s spelled dd not tt). The Feast of Saint Patrick. It happens every year. We drink green beer, we eat corned beef, and we brag about our .01 percent Irish heritage (every percentage counts!) The things to do on St. Paddys’ Day are abundant – bar crawls, parties,… Read More

Heartbreak: How to Learn From It and Move On

Posted on Mar 9, 2018

Heartbreak is inevitable. It’s part of life, and while it’s not exclusive to romantic relationships, that’s how we usually experience it. Whether your partner lied, cheated, moved away, or maybe you both just realized it wasn’t meant to be, there’s one thing that’s always consistent – it hurts. But you don’t have to let that… Read More

Finding A Balance Between Work And Love

Posted on Mar 3, 2018

Finding the right balance in life is something we all strive for. With the right ratio of work and play, everything else seems to fall into place. But when you’re working long hours to get a promotion or spending all of your free time trying to achieve personal goals and fulfill your dreams, where does… Read More

Encounter Says: Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Posted on Feb 23, 2018

The Backstreet Boys said it best back in 1997. Games need to go when it comes to matter of the heart. At Encounter, we don’t like to think of love as a game. We see the obvious similarities – both are fun and challenging. Both make us feel like winners and losers. Both are enjoyable… Read More

Encounter: How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018 is upon us, and love is in the air. But not the mushy, romance novel, vomit-inducing PDA kind of love (at least not exclusively). Encounter may be a dating app, but we know that in order to begin a healthy relationship, you need to start with a healthy dose of self-love. Lucky… Read More

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