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Sometimes the hardest part about dating is thinking of date ideas. You want your date to be fun and memorable, and the traditional “dinner and a movie” can get old. Whether you’re looking for inexpensive date ideas, romantic date ideas, or just something new and different, this list will have something to meet your needs.

Date ideas



Canoeing or Kayaking

Enjoy the warm weather and rent or borrow a canoe or a couple of kayaks for an afternoon on the water. Pack a picnic and enjoy some quality time while you soak up some sun.


Another great warm weather activity – look up hiking paths and trails in your area, according to your desired level of difficulty. Sometimes you can find trails that lead to a waterfall, or a beautiful lookout view, or a path that follows along a river or creek.

Date ideas



This is a great date idea with a lot of options. Pack an evening picnic and look at the stars from a park, the top of a building, the bed of a pickup truck – the great thing about stars in that on a clear night, you can see them from anywhere. Look up some constellations ahead of time to impress your date with your knowledge of astronomy. Stargazing is great for a date on its own, or a romantic way to end the evening.

Farmer’s Market

Eating fresh and buying local is a new interest for a lot of people, so almost every area has a nearby farmer’s market. Most farmer’s markets are open Saturday morning, so start your date buying fresh ingredients for a homemade meal, or just enjoy browsing the local vendors and supporting your community.

Date ideas


Dance Class/Fitness Class

If you’re both into fitness, try something new together and challenge yourself at the same time. A lot of places offer your first class free. If you like it, great! If you hate it, you’ll have something to laugh about together.

Cooking Class

Check your local Groupon or LivingSocial for deals on cooking classes in your area. Working together to create something can be a great bonding experience for you and your date, and hopefully the class will end in something delicious.

Date ideas


Craft beer tasting

Most breweries offer a beer “flight” – a sampling of maybe 3-5 beers for a reasonable price. It’s a great way to get a taste of more than one when you can’t decide what to order. If you don’t have a local brewery, a lot of grocery stores now offer build-your-own 6 packs. Grab what looks good to you, and you can create your own tasting “flight.”

Trivia Night

Restaurants and bars often host a Trivia Night once a week – check with local businesses in your area to find your options. It’s a fun, laid back (as long as you’re not a sore loser) way to spend time with your date, and maybe even win something in the process!


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