Encounter Product Video : Features For Finding Love Online

DM News reported that over half of consumers believe if a company has a website, then they should have a video. It’s a richer form of storytelling.

So, we listened. We have to make sure folks know there’s a better way to find love online, right?

With all of the various apps out there in the app store today, we at Encounter wanted to take a moment to give our potential users a more visual in-depth experience of the features of our app.

We at Encounter are very proud of changing the way people find love online. One of the ways we are attracting new downloads every single day is with our brand-new product video.

This video will be uploaded as an App Store preview for potential users to see Encounter‘s features before deciding to tap that Install button. With over 200 dating apps coming out every single month, this product video will show you why Encounter is the only choice for managing your entire dating life, from match to monogamy.

Encounter has so many awesome features.

One of our favorites is the main profile photo is a selfie, taken from your smartphone’s camera. No filters. No fuss. Just real.

We also cut off direct messaging until after the first date. We think this is vital to changing today’s hook-up culture, and making sure catfishers and spammers are less likely to have Encounter profiles.

We want people to feel safe and confident when scheduling dates with Encounter, so we only allow locations to be set at physical brick and mortar businesses, with the help of Yelp.

If you need transportation to and/or from your Encounter, you can book an Uber directly from the app.

Did you go on a first Encounter, and there was no chemistry? What if the Encounter was great, but you want to move at your own pace without giving out your cell phone number? Encounter gives the power of communication back to the user. You choose who can or cannot contact you after the first physical Encounter takes place. This prevents unwanted communication from those you don’t have chemistry with, as well as unwanted spammers.


Encounter catfish check


Encounter is what this industry has needed for a long time now. The world as we know it will continue to grow on mobile. Streaming and sharing digital content has never been easier, but we need to focus on using the mobile digital connection to bring people closer together with real connections.

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Encounter is available now for free on iPhone.

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