Encounter St. Paddy’s Day 2018

St. Patrick’s Day. St. Paddy’s Day (yes, it’s spelled dd not tt). The Feast of Saint Patrick.

It happens every year. We drink green beer, we eat corned beef, and we brag about our .01 percent Irish heritage (every percentage counts!)

The things to do on St. Paddys’ Day are abundant – bar crawls, parties, festivals, more bar crawls. It’s probably not your favorite holiday if you don’t drink, but you can still get in on the fun with tacky green attire and a slice of Irish soda bread.

Feeling Lucky?


St. Paddy’s Day is also about luck, so what better time to try something new – or meet someone new? With all of the holiday events, date ideas are easy to come by, and if you want something less crowded, you could plan an Irish-themed dinner.


Down on Your Luck?


Maybe you’re not feeling so lucky this year – bad breakup? A series of bad first dates?

This is the perfect time to get back out there, even if it’s just for a good time. Sip your Guinness while you watch a grown man dressed as a leprechaun dance an Irish jig. Does he know what he’s doing? Is he even Irish? Did he dye his hair red just for today?

The more you’re wondering what the crazy people around you are doing, the less you’re focusing on your own problems. And it’s okay to to forget about them for a day.


May the Luck of the Irish Be With You


Whatever you decide to do on St. Paddy’s Day, try to enjoy yourself. Don’t take things too seriously. We may not all celebrate the holiday for the traditional reasons, but that doesn’t make the day meaningless.

Sometimes we all just need a break from the everyday hustle. If that means donning a green shirt and downing a couple of green beers – so be it.



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