It’s time for something real

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Drop down menus, algorithms, swiping and texting –
when did dating become so robotic?

What happened to getting to know someone on a date (not by reading through their profile beforehand)? A real connection comes from spending time together – not from a checklist of likes and dislikes. The right person rarely adheres to all of the standards and qualities we look for in a partner. Sometimes the right person comes along, and it’s the last person we would have chosen for ourselves. Dating used to be about taking chances, and isn’t it worth the risk when you’re searching for your soulmate?

Encounter is a throwback approach to dating, improved with today’s technology. No more chatting online for weeks before you even meet someone – Encounter facilitates real dates, so you can experience real chemistry with someone.

Sometimes the hardest part is finding someone you want to go on a date with, and then working up the courage to actually ask them – Encounter does the hard part for you. All you have to do is show up and be yourself – if it’s meant to be, that’ll be enough.

Because we want you to get to know your matches in person, Encounter profiles are simple. Setting up your profile is easy – you choose three words to describe yourself and choose three photos of yourself (one must be taken with your phone’s camera, so all of that selfie practice will come in handy!)blog1-1After setting your preferences for gender, age and location, you can browse potential matches. Profiles will give you enough information to decide whether you want to know more – if so, hit that “E” – if it’s a match, the ladies get to create the first Encounter (guys, if it goes well, you can create the next one!)browseprofilesTo create an Encounter, you choose your date preferences (day or night, indoor or outdoor, active or relaxed), and Yelp does the work for you. Choose from the list of results in your area, set your date and time, and send your Encounter invite.blog1-3If you receive an Encounter invitation, you’ll have the option to accept or decline. Want to go on the date, but the day or time doesn’t work for you? You also have the option to submit a change.blog1-4After an Encounter date, you get to choose whether you want your date to be able to contact you. If both users say “yes!” Encounter’s direct messaging will be enabled. If not, you never have to hear from them again.blog1-5


At Encounter, we believe real chemistry can’t be determined through photos and text.

Encounter is real people, going on real dates, finding real love.

Encounter something new. Meet someone special.

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