Meet New People & Friend Online — with Encounter

“Meet new people.”

It sounds simple, but it’s something that scares a lot of people.

Meet New People

In our technology-driven world, it’s easy to avoid meeting new people. You can “meet” all the people you want from the safety and privacy of your home, but as with many things in life, low risk equals low reward. You can easily meet new people online in Miami, given you follow some rules.

The main idea behind Encounter is face-to-face interaction. Meeting new people. To make things a little less intimidating, here are some tips for your upcoming encounters:

  1. UnplugEncounter is an app, so of course we want you to be plugged in to help you find new people, new businesses and new experiences. However, during your encounter, all your attention should be on the person you are with. The exception to this would be if you’re both looking at something on your phone, or taking a photo together to document your epic Encounter.
  2. Share – Conversation starters and questions can be very helpful to avoid those dreaded awkward silences, but don’t rely on questions alone or the conversation will be one-sided. Instead of always starting with a question, try sharing something about yourself, and then let your date respond. (Here is a great list of conversation starters).
  3. Compliment – Can’t think of something to say? Compliment your date and it might lead to a new conversation, or in the least, it will make him/her feel good!
  4. LISTEN – Genuinely listen to what the other person is saying. Make eye contact, and ask questions to show you are paying attention. Don’t interrupt, but try to think of a way the topic relates to you so you can keep the conversation going.
  5. Relax – Don’t stress yourself out worrying about being funny enough or memorable enough. Just be yourself, be respectful, and be open to the new experience. Try to relax and just have a good time.

Now that you’re ready to meet new friends online in San Francisco, let Encounter help you find them. Meet new people online Miami. Make and meet friends online in San Francisco. Download Encounter for free today.


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