MTVs Catfish: The TV Show – Encounter is here to help


MTVs Catfish: The TV Show has been putting catfish on blast since 2012. Each episode is a crash course in what NOT to do in order to avoid being the victim of a catfish.


The show’s website says, “In each episode…a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other. Has that object of affection been telling the truth? Will true love truly blossom? When that fateful knock on the front door finally comes – only one thing is certain – that these incredible voyages will be filled with mystery, uncertainty, forgiveness, joy, and sometimes, even shocking revelations.”

The show is entertaining, to say the least. It is shocking what some  will believe, all in the name of love. It’s easy to forget that these are real people, with real feelings, often getting crushed by a catfish.


Well, mostly real, anyways. We all know how reality tv can be. We don’t want to put Nev Schulman and Max Joseph out of a job, but we would like to make things more difficult for the catfish out there. That’s why Encounter wants to #AvoidtheCatfish with our #CatfishProof dating app.

Nev and Max are doing great things by exposing catfish – we just want to help by giving catfish one less platform to use. And we want to help you avoid becoming an internet meme from your own episode of MTVs Catfish.


Relationships can be hard enough with real people – don’t get caught by a catfish. Encounter is real people, going on real dates, to find a real connection. Instead of being on an episode of MTVs Catfish, you can enjoy watching an episode with your real, in-person Encounter date.

Download Encounter today, and set up a Catfish date. Check the MTVs Catfish: The TV Show schedule for viewing times, and enjoy watching it instead of living it.



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