Let’s keep “Netflix and Chill” Chill

Netflix and chill.

Everyone’s heard of it. Most everyone has experienced it, in one way or another.

The phrase actually began without a sexual connotation, but Urban Dictionary now defines it as “going to your partners house and [have sexual intercourse] with Netflix in the background.”

The idea is not a new one. I remember a popular situation in college where plans would be made to “come over and watch a movie” – with both parties knowing that movie was definitely not getting watched, at least not all of it.

netflix and chill

Now that Netflix has become so popular, it’s one of the main ways to view movies and TV shows from home. So it’s only natural that we’ve graduated from “come over and watch a movie” to “Netflix and chill.”

The problem that may arise, however, is that some people actually want to, literally, watch Netflix and chill, but now there is an expectation for more – specifically, more sexually.

netflix and chill

As with any situation, you should never expect anything sex-wise. If both parties consent, and it happens, that’s awesome. But don’t expect that something will happen based off of the nature of the date – that is a dangerous situation.

The most important thing to remember when things are getting hot and heavy is to always – ALWAYS – make sure your date is comfortable with what is happening. Even if it feels silly or you feel like it will “ruin the mood” ASK your date if what you’re doing is okay. If he or she says no or doesn’t respond, STOP what you are doing. The only thing that means “Yes” is an actual “Yes.” Don’t make assumptions. If alcohol is involved and your date is too far gone to respond, stop what is happening and wait until you can both make a conscious decision to take things further.

Netflix and chill can be awesome, whatever your definition of it may be. Just be sure, before you make a move, that it means the same thing to you as it does to your date.

netflix and chill

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