Why Your Next Encounter Date Should Be At A Local Park

Encounters take place at coffee shops, restaurants, and the movies. But with nice weather upon us and summer around the corner, you should consider a date at a local park.
The folks at Life360 were gracious enough to put a list together of reasons why your next venture should be to a local park. Here’s a list of ten reasons why visiting your local parks is one of the best things you can do this spring and summer.

1. It’s Free

Times are tough and fun is expensive. Visiting your local neighborhood parks is FREE. A little sunblock, a few snacks from the pantry and you’re good to go!

2. It’s Healthy

Take advantage of any walking paths surrounding the park and while the kids are swinging away, you can walk yourself toward a healthier you. Besides, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. A happy Encounter is a success in our book.

3. It’s Good For The City

Have you seen Parks & Recreation? Though it may be exaggerated, the truth is that there is a whole staff of people in your local Parks & Rec department who put their heart and soul into taking care of your local parks. Appreciating their hard work is just good citizenship!

4. It’s Good For The Community

The more parks you visit, the more people you meet. Social interaction outside is healthy for your psyche. Times may have changed, but there is still a need for that sense of community. Frequenting the neighborhood parks is a great way to do that.

5. It Introduces You to New Parts of Town

Whether it’s the suburbs or the city, chances are there are plenty of neighborhoods you might not know very well. By making it a point to visit new neighborhood parks throughout the city/town you live in can help introduce you to other parts of your city or town that they may not get to visit very often.

6. It’s Good for the Environment

Especially if you can skip the car and walk to come of the parks in your area. You save the gas and carbon emissions and stay local. Create a nice picnic. Save money by making and bringing food and drinks with you without paying the high price tag at a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget some bread crumbs to feed the birds while watching the sunset.

7. The City is Putting on a Show For You

During the summer many cities and towns put on special events at local parks. Visit your city’s website to see when the next concert or Shakespeare in the Park is happening near you. Often the cost of admission is free.

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8. It’s Good For You

Take the opportunity to relax. Bring a blanket and lay on the grass or your lawn chair and favorite book. There are few chances for you to simply chill out, and the park is a great chance to do that. Or invite a friend that you haven’t hung out with in a while and catch up.

9. It Can Be an Adventure

You’re already outside for the Encounter date so you can step it up a notch and turn it into an adventure. There are great mobile Geocaching apps where you can go on a join scavenger hunt for items placed in secret locations. You never know what you might find.

10. Did I Mention it’s Free?

What’s your favorite thing about going to your neighborhood park?

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