Plan a Pokemon Go Date with Encounter

Have you considered a Pokemon Go date?

Pokemon Go – the app everyone is either playing, talking about, or complaining about – is encouraging something Encounter is all about: getting out there!

Meeting people, not online or through messaging, but in person – in the “real” world.

A article said,

“So far, Eevees and a Flareon have already led to at least one meet-cute. I caught a few Pidgeys and one Eevee, nothing special, Reddit user UnityTreeofSavior wrote shortly after the mobile game launched. I was about to start walking back home then some girl asked, hey, are you playing Pokemon Go too? Then we just talked about Pokemon. The girl may have had a far superior Pokemon Go collection, but UnityTreeofSavior snagged something even better than a Venusaur: a date.”

Maybe one of the best things about meeting someone while playing Pokemon Go? You already have a shared interest, and something to talk about.

“Its not the same as joining softball league or going to a singles mixer, but it does provide a better way to start talking to someone than complimenting their shirt or asking their astrological sign.

If youre out and you see somebody playing, its like at a bar: it gives you a shared social situation, says North. Plus, it breaks through the awkwardness, by providing a natural pick-up line.” (see the full Wired article here).

pokemon go date

If you’re too focused on catching an elusive Abra or Mew to pay attention to the cutie who’s searching nearby, set up a Pokemon Go date ahead of time. Just set a place and time to meet, and you can catch ’em all together!

If you’re new to the Pokemon craze, but looking to get into it, Vox has a short, simple guide for you,

“Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise that launched in the 1990s. In its world, “trainers” travel the world to catch varied monsters called Pokemon rats, dragons, swordlike creatures, and more and use these critters to fight each other. The trainers goal is to “catch em all,” as the franchises slogan suggests, and become a Pokemon master by defeating prestigious trainers known as gym leaders and Elite Four.

The big thing is Pokmon Go uses your phones GPS and clock to decide which Pokmon appear in the game. If youre at the park, more bug and grass types appear. If youre by a lake, more water types appear. If its night, more nocturnal ghost and fairy types do. So Pokmon wont just come to you; players have to traverse the real world to catch em all.”

So, why not catch Pokemon and find love at the same time? Two Pidgeys, one stone.

pokemon go datepokemon go date

According to a recent GQ article, “because 99 percent of single people play Pokmon Go (the takens are too busy going to farmers markets and riding tandem bikes and just generally missing out on the finer things) you suddenly have a funny, nerdy way to approach anyone.”

Download Encounter free today and set up your Pokemon Go date.

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