Pumpkin Spice: The New Love Language?

Pumpkin is in the air, everywhere you look around. But pumpkin spice the new love language? This autumn season is the time of year where people are clawing at each other’s throat to get a piece of the action known as a pumpkin latte. Pumpkin spice historians trace its origins as a sensory superstar to Starbucks in 2003. The chain’s pumpkin spice latte debuted then and instantly took off — it would eventually establish its own Twitter account, with more than 100,000 followers. You can read more about how Pumpkin Spice Could Destroy Us All from this op piece on the New York Times. What we are going to do is break down a few places where you can have your next Encounter so you can have your pumpkin and eat it too.

  1. Check Out A Pumpkin Patch – no, seriously, like do it. You can eat pumpkin anytime but why not learn about pumpkin from those who harvest the fruit? You can wear casual clothes, schedule right after you get off work, and probably have good conversation while enjoying mother nature and catching a killer sunset. A great laid back Encounter date doing something that only takes place during a certain time of year.

2. Pumpkin Beer – I mean…you are going to need to quench your thirst after walking through a giant pumpkin patch. Even Charlie Brown wouldn’t turn down a cold brewsky. Pumpkin responsibly, of course.

3. Pumpkin Pancakes – breakfast/brunch can be one of the best Encounter dates you have because who does not love breakfast food? Encounter is about getting to know each other without of the fuss and fluff for distractions. Breakfast is the best meal do that with and with all of the pumpkin, nutmeg and whip cream topped with some pecans, butter, and maple syrup? Sign us up!


4. Pumpkin Ice Cream – always an affordable sweet treat that brings out the child in all of us. Grab the fro-yo or sorbet if your restrictions call for it, just make sure you check out one of the local places in your area providing the sweet treats and not your local grocers’ freezer cooler pint size. Buy local. Support local.

 5. Pumpkin Coffee – yes, we already know you are going to wait in line for 45 minutes for a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, but there are local coffee shops who probably have a unique twist at an artisanal seasonal pumpkin coffee or tea beverage that you won’t get anywhere else.


The great thing about Encounter is that with the help of Yelp we push you to try local businesses that you might love but others don’t know about or did not know existed. However you get your pumpkin on, stock up, because it won’t be around for too much longer. Encounter is available now on iPhone in the iOS App Store.


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