#SelfieTips for Your Encounter Profile

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Encounter has a unique photo requirement to help avoid fake or outdated profiles – one of your three profile photos must be taken with the camera on your phone, selfie-style.

In this age of selfies, you’re probably already a pro when it comes to taking pictures of yourself. If not, we have some #selfietips for you from the female face of Encounter:

1. Lighting is everything.

I always try to take pictures in natural light, usually in front of a window.


2. Flatter Yourself.

An angle *slightly* higher than eye level is best. It makes your eyes look bigger and your cheekbones look good, plus there’s no fear of a double chin. Clench your teeth for a better jawline, and don’t tuck your face, because that pretty much guarantees a double chin. *Reminder – be sure to look at the camera lens, not your face on the screen.


3. Background Check.

Don’t become an internet meme. The toilet shouldn’t be in your selfie. No one wants to see your dirty clothes or dishes, either. Keep the focus on you.


4. Practice makes Perfect.

You don’t have to get it right on the first try. Keep snapping and make adjustments until you get a photo you’re happy with.


5. Be Yourself(ie).

Stay relaxed. Ladies – you don’t need to wear fancy clothes or makeup (unless that’s your norm) just wear what you usually do – dress it up a little if you feel the need, but be yourself. Guys – you can still be yourself while wearing a shirt. Keep it classy.


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