Summer Summer Summertime – Where’s The Water?


With the first day of summer solstice now in the books, summer is officially here. But when you’re in certain areas of the country, like Phoenix, you need a way to beat the heat.

We love being headquartered in the valley of the sun, but even we have needed an extra cool down this week. It was so hot this week that flights had to be canceled due to the extreme heat, which is rare.

With the rise in temperature, we need our ways to cool down, and one of those ways to cool down is with nature’s primary life source – water. We can’t live without it, and during the summer who would want to?

Let’s explore some of the great water activities you can look into as you find great encounters to go on. Every example we showcase will be activities where you can participate as a duo.

Water Parks

During the summertime, various water parks, large and small will offer discounts on ticket prices. The most discounted prices can be found during weekday park admissions. Water slides, lazy river, and wave pools can allow you to cool off while having fun in the sun. You’ll be able to find your inner child while having a blast together.

Anything with the word “board” in it

Paddleboarding has become a huge trend over the past couple years and paddleboarding lessons can be offered in various cities across the country. For those to have access to a larger body of water should consider wakeboarding. Going fast, the wind in your face, water under your feet; the adrenaline rush is enthralling. Check out sites like Groupon and Yelp for discounts.

Jet skis

You can’t go wrong with jet skis.

Drinks by the pool

As simple as it sounds it’s very relaxing to chill by the pool. Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Check out some of the luxury hotels, resorts, and casinos in your area for discounts on pool passes. You can eat, drink, swim, and relax all in one place to unwind for the weekend.


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