The solution to your online dating woes

I recently came across a blog post comparing online dating to “a treadmill you can’t get off.”

The main ideas of the post are valid regarding the majority of online dating sites and apps, but Encounter has found a happy medium between real dating and technology. The two don’t have to work against each other!

1. Online dating is addicting.

online dating

If you find yourself “addicted” to the introductory period of online dating (match & message), but you’re not going on any actual dates, then what’s the point? I mean, if all you’re looking for is the thrill of the match (is that a thing?) then more power to you, but if you’re looking for a real connection, the ongoing “match & message” process is not going to cut it.

Encounter’s approach to online dating doesn’t allow in-app messaging until you and your match have gone on an actual date. So, while you could still spend all day finding matches, you can’t talk to them unless you set up a date and do it in person.

2. Online dating provides an endless supply of new possibilities.

online dating

When you have a seemingly unlimited supply of profiles to browse, it seems like something better could always be waiting around the corner – so why stop when you’re ahead? The problem with always waiting for the next great thing, is that you’ll never be satisfied. Not to mention, you may have just swiped past your soulmate in favor of a better profile. But better profile does not necessarily mean better person.

It’s a lot easier to think of people as profiles when, to you, that’s all they are. Sure, you’ve read about their likes and dislikes and talked to them through messaging, but you haven’t sat across from them at a restaurant and seen them as a real, living, breathing human being. With Encounter, you’re really meeting people, and hopefully that means you’ll meet the person, instead of getting stuck in the endless cycle of swiping new profiles.

3. Online dating isolates you even more than you are.

online dating

I barely have to explain this point, because David Wygant does it so well for me in his post.

“We spend so much time pursuing our swipe fantasies or email fantasies or text fantasies about somebody we’ll never meet.

Isn’t it easier to just go out, talk to another person, exchange a number and actually get together on a date?”

YES. Yes it is. And that’s what Encounter wants to help you do.

Get out there! Meet people! Meet “The One”!

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