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When someone asks you, “will you go out with me?” Do you know what they’re actually asking? There seems to be at least two different interpretations of the phrase.

When I was in middle school, and even high school, the phrase “will you go out with me?” was not literal by any means. “Going out,” for whatever reason, was the equivalent of being in a monogamous relationship. It did not mean you actually went anywhere.


As an adult, if someone asks me if I’ll go out with him/her, my first response is, “where?” Honestly, the phrase itself is just irritating and best avoided altogether. Here are some options of things to say instead of “will you go out with me?” according to the two most popular interpretations of the phrase:

If you are asking someone out on a date:

Would you like to go on a date with me?

Are you busy (insert day) night? I’d like to take you on a date.

I’d love to take you on a date sometime. Is that something you’d be interested in?

If it doesn’t go well, feel free to follow up something like this:

go out with me

If you are asking someone to be in a monogamous relationship with you:

Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other?

I really like you and I don’t want to date anyone else but you – do you feel the same?

Are you ready to be monogamous with me? (Make sure they know what monogamous means)

will you go out with me

If you’re more for the literal definition, Encounter can help you find a date, and ask them if they’ll “go out with you.” The best part is, we do all the hard work for you!

Encounter finds your matches, suggests great local businesses for date locations, and sends all of the information to your date for approval.

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